Cloud Accounting and Payroll

Cloud Accounting and Payroll

– Cloud Accounting Best of Breed Software.
– Move to Tax Digital Readiness.
– Increase Profitability and Control of Your Business.
– A new way of handling Payroll.

Best of Breed Software – designed for the cloud as opposed to adapted from the desktop.
Move to Tax Digital Readiness – your business can not afford to ignore it.
Increase Profitability and Control over Your Business – gives you the ability to take your accounting information and to use it.
A new way of handling Payroll – simplifying processes and reducing manual effort.

Cloud Accounting System

As well as migrating you to a cloud accounting system, e.g.. Xero, we also set up simple processes for you so it is simple to produce your monthly KPI’s and Management Accounts. In addition to this, we set up Trailing 12 month sales graphs. With these you can see at a touch of a button whether your companies sales are increasing or decreasing even taking into account seasonal fluctuations.

It is one thing to understand the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements, but quite another to put them to effective use. So many SMEs produce what they feel are adequate accounting statements, and then do very little with them. The profit ‘is what it is’ – it is the sausage that pops out the end of the sausage making machine.

Of course, these business operators tweak the odd dial on their ‘sausage machine’ of a business based on what figures they see coming out, but they fail to realise there are numerous more settings on their machine that can produce both far better sausages and many more of them!

Cloud Payroll System

We also find many small and medium enterprises outsource their payroll. With our Cloud Payroll solution your payroll can now be done in house.

CloudPerfect’s Cloud Accounting solution effectively transforms the way you manage your accounts to give you the ability to increase both the profitability and control of your business.

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