Cloud Office System

Cloud Office System

Cloud Email and Storage

The CloudPerfect Office System allows you to access your cloud email and cloud file storage anywhere, at any time and on any device.

The CloudPerfect Office system allows full access to your emails and file storage. It can also allow additions so you can work on your spreadsheets, word-processed documents and presentations whilst ensuring all the files from these applications are held securely in the cloud.

We supply each email with a 50 GB mailbox. Also included is a 1 TB file storage and sharing with a simple pay as you go monthly subscription.

We allow for multiple email addresses with configurable routing. For example one address per employee and a functional address e.g.. sales@… or support@… Each can configure as either an additional mailbox which anyone in the team can see and respond to. Alternatively, the system will forward emails to one or more employees.

We migrate your current mailbox (including any archived emails) as part of the setup.

Ability to upgrade to includes spreadsheets, word processors and presentations.

There can be additions to the CloudPerfect Office system to give you the latest versions of your familiar Office applications, no matter which device you are using. Each user can install Office 365 on their PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. All the features at a low monthly cost. You can simplify how you work together with your colleagues. Store, sync, and share your files online so they’re always up to date. Plus, you can edit documents with others in real time. There is also a fantastic change control mechanism that enables you to see colour coded changes from version to version.

In conclusion the CloudPerfect Office System is your hosted cloud solution for all your IT needs and IT requirements are merged into one simple to understand plan. Secure, fast and connected, we will tailor make your system to the requirements of your business ensuring you can virtualise your environment, whilst keeping control of your costs.

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