Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

– Create a customer-centred business with a strong marketing cloud
– Provide Task Management with an up to date sales cloudSales and Marketing Cloud

Create a customer-focused business that brings your customer information from your marketing cloud through the sales cloud including customer service and business analysis.

Provide Task Management – manage tasks through their lifecycle of planning, testing, tracking and reporting.

1. Fresh Software

With CloudPerfect, the latest versions of the applications needed to run the business are made available to all customers as soon as they are released. Immediate upgrades to for example, the marketing cloud, put new features and functionality into workers’ hands to make them more productive. What’s more, typically there are frequent releases of software enhancements. This is in contrast to home grown or purchased software that might have major new releases only once a year or so and take significant time to roll out.

2. Do more with less

With cloud computing, companies can reduce the size of their own data centres — or eliminate their data centre footprint altogether. The reduction of the numbers of servers, the software cost, and the number of staff can significantly reduce IT costs without impacting an organization’s IT capabilities.

3. Flexible costs

The costs of cloud computing are much more flexible than traditional methods. Companies only need to commission – and thus only pay for – server and infrastructure capacity as and when it is needed. More capacity can be provisioned for peak times and then de-provisioned when no longer needed. Traditional computing requires buying capacity sufficient for peak times and allowing it to sit idle the rest of the time.

4. Always-on availability

Most cloud providers are extremely reliable in providing their services, with many maintaining 99.99% uptime. The connection is always on and as long as workers have an Internet connection, they can get to the applications they need from practically anywhere. Some applications even work off-line.

5. Improved mobility

Data and applications are available to employees no matter where they are in the world. Workers can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets—roaming through a retail store to check customers out, visiting customers in their homes or offices, working in the field etc.

6. Improve collaboration

Cloud applications improve collaboration by allowing dispersed groups of people to meet virtually and easily share information in real time and via shared storage. This capability can reduce time-to-market and improve product development and customer service.

7. Cloud computing is more cost effective

Because companies don’t have to purchase equipment and build out and operate a data centre, they don’t have to spend significant money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of operations. With traditional computing, a company can spend millions before it gets any value from its investment in the data centre.

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