Sharing Information on your Company Intranet

Sharing Information on your Company Intranet

As an instructor, I know that saying something once is seldom enough. Knowledge does not stick unless it has context; it only gets context when people hear the next bit, but by then the moment has gone. If you are paying attention your mind will join the dots, but no-one can pay attention all of the time. So there are many times and instances to repeat information, but that can be a waste of time on both sides.

The solution is to write it down somewhere that is easy to find, easy to keep up to date. We all know the power of the internet, but we don’t want to put all our internal information on the net. What we need is an intranet site. Intra means inside or within. Intranet is the term used for internet-like servers which are only accessible by your employees and partners.

The good news is that your internal viewers don’t expect a good looking, SEO optimised multimedia experience, they just want to find the internal information they need. So there is no need to build a full internal website, or get web developer in. With Intranet sites the key priorities are to be able to search and to easily update company information. With the right tools, making information available within your organisation is as easy as typing an email and finding it as easy as searching on Google.

Company Intranet Software

We have selection of company intranet software tools. During the CloudPerfect Audit, we will recommend the most appropriate for your organisation. The options include:

  • Mediawiki – the software that runs Wikipedia;
  • a simple wiki where bullet points are entered as * at the start of a line and web address are automatically converted into clickable links.

Your staff need a platform to share their knowledge in one place where everyone can find it. The great news about the wiki tools above are that they have beautiful change control. Everyone can at the touch of a button see exactly how a document changes over time and by whom.

Want to know more? Use Google or Wikipaedia. Now imagine your organisation where business questions have an answer by all your staff simply looking at your internal wiki pages.

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