Eat, Sleep, Cloud, Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Cloud, Repeat.

Subscription Economy.

The world has shifted to the Cloud Subscription Economy. There are now nearly 7 Billion Potential Subscribers on mobile, social and web. 80% of customers now demand a Subscription Model (figures from “The Economist“).

Businesses already using the Cloud Subscription Model are Winning. Let’s Remember it is the 21st Century! This represents an Undeniable Shift in the World that Affects Everyone. For some it is Scary. For others it Opens Opportunities.

There will be Winners and Losers.

Everyone suffers from “Loss Diversion”. That is, we tend to avoid a Possible Loss by sticking to the Status Quo, rather than a Possible Gain by Opting for Change. Adopting the Best Cloud Service will most likely result in a Highly Positive Future for Businesses whereas those that do not adopt will Experience a Mass Extinction.

The Promised Land.

Life in the New Cloud Subscription Future is Rosy. There is no Running Back to the Office to Retrieve Customer Details or to Check Your Accounts. It can all be done from your Mobile or Tablet there and then. In addition it makes Working From Home as simple as Working From the Office.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Whether your Company is Novice in relation to the Cloud or whether you Classify yourself as a Seasoned Professional, CloudPerfect will help lead you to the Best Cloud Service.  Furthermore our Technical Wizardry also Ensures that all your Cloud Packages work Seamlessly Together helping you Reach the Promised Land.

Making the Story Come True.

This last week has seen us Help a Company move from an Old Antiquated CRM Customer Database with 15,000 Customers to a Brand New All Singing, All Dancing Cloud CRM Solution. We Synchronised all their Emails, ensuring retrieval of a Customer’s Full History is now as easy as ABC. We also Synchronised the CRM’s Contacts to their Phone so that their Customers’ Details Display when the Customers Phone through. Our Customer was Clearly Pleased because they have enlisted us to help them to the Next Level of Automation. Moreover, this means they will Ditch their Manual Spreadsheets and move through to some more Fully Automated Cloud-Based Solutions.

What is needed to help Your Company to Move to the Promised Land? For a Free Assessment, Give Me a Call on 01865 920018.

Ed Wray
Company Director