SharpSpring Review.

SharpSpring Review.

Migration to SharpSpring.

During the Last Week, we have just Helped a Customer with Migration to SharpSpring from their Old CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Software.  SharpSpring is a CRM that has Strong Marketing Automation. Consequently this allows businesses to Convert Leads to Sales and the software easy Integrates with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SharpSpring Review

The Latest SharpSpring Review states that Many Customers say that SharpSpring has the Ability of Much More Expensive Marketing Automation Software but at a Fraction of the Price.  Prices Start at around £180 per Month.  Whilst this is not Cheap, it does Facilitate the More Modern Marketing Techniques as I’ll explain here.

Marketing is Changing.

In the past, Marketing was all about Chasing after Customers.  Cold Calling Campaigns, Direct Mail, Magazine Adverts and Networking were all ways you could Chase Customers. This is also sometimes called ‘Outbound Marketing’.  With the Unstoppable Rise of the Internet, Marketing has been turned Upside Down.  Smart, Successful Businesses are increasingly using what is called ‘Inbound Marketing’.  With Inbound Marketing you Attract Customers who are already Interested in your Product, rather than Chasing People who have no Interest in your Products or Services.

Marketing Automation.

The term ‘Marketing Automation’ refers to the Ability to Create Landing Pages with Lead Capture Forms. The CRM then Automatically Nurtures these Leads through AutoResponders.  We have all Seen this on the Latest Websites.  For Example if you visit some Websites for a  Second Time, it Recognises the Fact you have Visited Twice and can display a Pop-Up Message with words to Entice you towards their Call For Action.

Help with Migrating to SharpSpring.

We’ve read a Number of SharpSpring Reviews stating they have had an Issue with Migrating their Data from their Old CRM through to SharpSpring.  We have now Created a Library of Download Tools for Data Migration. So if you are Considering a Migration to SharpSpring then make CloudPerfect your First Port of Call.

Help with Choice of CRM.

If you are considering Migrating to SharpSpring and moving Data from your Old CRM then we can help you with a smooth Transition.  If you’d like to know any more Details or Wish to Discover the Benefits of any other CRM’s on the Market before your Make Your Choice then Call Me on 01865 920018.

Ed Wray
Company Director