Working From Home Using Cloud Computing.

Working From Home Using Cloud Computing.

Improved Employee Satisfaction.

People are Sick of the Rat-Race and they are Eager to Take Back Control of their Lives.  Everyone is Desperate to find a Balance between Work and Life.  As a Result, Two-Thirds of People Want to Work From Home.

Reduced Job Losses

Losing a Valued Employee can cost the Employer between £10k and £30k.  The Cost of Recruiting and Training Replacements similarly Costs Thousands of Pounds.  Almost Half of Employees Feel their Commute is Getting Worse and Consequently Over 70% of them Feel Their Employers should Take the Lead in Helping them Solve the Problem.

Reduced Sickness Absence

The Estimate is that around 78% of Employees who Call In Sick are Not Really Sick.  They Do So because of Family Issues, Personal Needs and Stress.  In Addition, Sickness Absenses Cost Employers £1.5K Per Employee per Year.  Employees Working From Home Typically Continue to Work When They’re Sick – Without Infecting Others!

Cuts Down on Wasted Meetings and Other Benefits.

Web-Based Meetings Tend to be Better Planned and are More Likely to Stay on Message. Oracle and Sun Microsystems reported that its 24,000 US employees participating in the Open Work Program avoided producing 32,000 metric tons of CO2 last year by driving less often to and from work.

Working From Home Using Cloud Computing

The Benefits to Employers of Increasing the Amount of Working From Home Using Cloud Computing are Absolutely Immense.  To Fully Take Up the Option of Working From Home, Each and Every Aspect of the Business Needs to be Moved to the Cloud.

CloudPerfect will Carry Out an Audit of your Business and Provide a Free Report to Help You Move More of your Employees to be able to Work From Home.

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Ed Wray

Company Director