Company: ekte Ltd.
Type of business: IT

As ekte Ltd., grew it became apparent that having individual silo’s for accounts – Xero; for support – NetHelpDesk; for everything else – Excel spreadsheets with millions of tabs, was becoming untenable, the time and effort needed to cross check and confirm that the right customer had bought and paid for a support contract was holding us back.

After reviewing the CRM market and having a number of demonstrations we chose Ed and the CloudPerfect team to deploy Zoho one for us. As a fellow graduate from the Goldman Sachs10,000 Small Business programme I knew that Ed would understand the pressures that we at ekte were under being a growing small business.

The team at CloudPerfect went above and beyond our requirements, wrestling our data out of the support package, importing it into Zoho CRM and then importing all the data from Xero and tying it into the CRM and the Zoho accounts package ‘books’. They also linked the Desk support package back to the CRM so all support calls and tickets old and new are shown against the customer record.

Thanks to CloudPerfect we now have a completely integrated system that is enabling us to be far more efficient and effective, all customer records are kept in one place with support contracts, products purchased, opportunities, payments and everything else we need to manage the relationship and grow our revenue on a single view.

As we become more familiar with the Zoho package we are beginning to use the ‘Sign’ facility to ensure we have signed contracts as well as PO’s and we are using the WorkDrive area to store relevant documents. Ed and his team have introduced and trained us on these features and then patiently held our hand and supported us when we started using them.

Deploying Zoho was a good decision using CloudPerfect to affect the migration and post deployment support was an excellent one.